Keen On… Slava Rubin: How Indiegogo Is Reinventing Capitalism


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It was one of those coincidences that social media types call serendipitous. There I was, wandering around the basement of Las Vegas’ Venetian hotel at CES, innocently minding my own business, when who should I bump into but Indiegogo co-founder and CEO Slava Rubin. It was too good an opportunity to turn down. With Marius Klausen a product developer at Airtame, one of Indiegogo’s most popular recent campaigns, acting as spontaneous cameraman, I finally got the chance to drag the elusive Rubin onto my show.

So, I asked him, is Indiegogo blowing up capitalism?

Yes, a silly question. But Rubin was typically gracious in his response. Rather than actually blowing up capitalism, he explained, Indiegogo was improving it – enabling startups like Airtame and Panono to sidestep the traditional gatekeepers and get crowdfunding for their innovative ideas and products.

I followed up with an equally silly…

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