Life Graphy Is A Simple But Refreshing New Take On To-Do List Apps


There are so many to-do list apps now that instead of figuring out the differences between all of them, it might seem like a better use of time to just go back to pen and paper (or the infamous white board). But iOS app Life Graphy lends a refreshing new twist to task management. It lets you visualize how many things you manage to complete over the course of each month with a unique calendar view and pie charts (which it calls “masks”) for each day.

Created by a Korean startup, Life Graphy is targeted toward the same people who gravitate toward to-do list apps like Clear and Any.Do because they are easy-to-use and visually appealing. Life Graphy, however, has several key differences. It is meant as a tracker for the kind of recurring, everyday tasks (like taking vitamins or watering houseplants) that are easy to forget, but its simple…

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