Review: Beats Music Focuses On What to Listen to Next


A year ago, audio hardware maker Beats — co-founded by Dr. Dre and legendary producer Jimmy Iovine — announced that it was going to launch a digital music subscription service. With all due respect, I haven’t been sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for it to show up.

After all, between Spotify, Rdio, Google Play All Access, Rhapsody and other contenders, the world already has a sizable selection of music services that provide on-demand listening to millions of tracks. Each one has its own personality, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re more alike than different. And they’re complemented by plenty of other ways to consume digital music, such as Pandora and iTunes Radio. With so much music already available, why get excited over yet one more contender, and a late arrival at that?

Beats Music — which incorporates some aspects of MOG, a music…

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