With Traction But Out Of Cash, 4chan Founder Kills Off Canvas/DrawQuest


“There’s a lot of glorification of startups and being a founder. People brush the failures under the rug, but that’s the worst thing you can do. You kind of have to face it head on,” says moot aka Christopher Poole. So rather than raise more money for his remix artist community Canvas and game DrawQuest, later today he’ll announce they’re closing. “No soft-landing, no aqui-hire, just ‘shutting down’ shutting down.”

[Update: DrawQuest and Canvas have now published blog posts confirming this article and telling their users what’s going on. Moot has also penned his own eulogy for his startup, and will be writing more in the future in hopes of educating other entrepreneurs.

In a touching part of his post-mortem, moot opens up saying “Few in business will know the pain of what it means to fail as a venture-backed CEO. Not only do you fail your employees, your…

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