App Revenue In Asia Grew A Massive 162% In 2013, Driven By Google Play


Over the past two years, Asia has emerged as the world’s top marketplace for apps–and it’s still growing. Revenue in Asia rose by a massive 162% in 2013, “annihilating” growth in all other continents, according to a new report by Distimo. Furthermore, that increase was fueled in large part by Google Play, where revenue from Asia more than quadrupled in 2013.

In comparison, the App Store’s growth in Asia was much slower: a 94% increase in revenue for iPhone apps and 64% for iPad apps. But that was still faster than the App Store’s total growth in Europe or North America, as seen in the chart below.

Distimo 1

For its report, Distimo looked at daily App Store and Google Play downloads.  Asia accounted for 41% of global app revenue in December 2013, compared to 31% from North America and 23% from Europe.

Overall app revenue in Asia is now split…

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