Apple Patent Explores Mood-Based Ad Targeting


Apple is working on a means by which a targeted ad delivery system could clue in to a viewer’s mood, and serve them ads appropriate to that mood according to a new patent (via AppleInsider). So if, for example, it finds you’re Twitter stalking your ex and looking at pictures they’re posting wherein they’re having fun and smiling with their new beau, you might get an ad for Haagen Dazs or Jim Beam, at least in theory.

Already, ad targeting uses a number of factors to figure out which are the best ads to show any particular user, taking into account the time of day, their age range, browsing behavior and location, among others. Apple’s patent describes a way in which mood can be assessed, too, to add an extra dimension to the advertiser’s arsenal of consumer intelligence.

Apple’s filing says it can determine mood based on different types…

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