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How much of a chimp am I?

Chimps are our most closely related living organism on Earth right now.  We share about 98.5% of our DNA with them yet we are still so different. Chimpanzees are part of the subfamily Hominidae, to which modern humans also belong and we shared a common ancestor at one point. People say that when looking in the eyes of a chimpanzee you can see a human. Even though this is just a saying, it makes you think about chimps as our very closely related friends. 

But with what are chimps like us humans when it comes down to behavior? Well, first of all they are known to hunt lower order primates. They are known to be aggressive  and even kill other chimpanzees. They have face expressions, they communicate with each other and they even have hand gestures. 

Human trainers have found out that chimps are…

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