See Windows in Action — Two Years Before Windows 1.0 Shipped


Dan Bricklin, the co-creator of the first spreadsheet, VisiCalc, liked to shoot video — back when that involved lugging around not only a great big camera but also a separate tape deck. His interest in the medium led to the Boston Computer Society taping its meetings, which is how we ended up with the historic 1984 video of Steve Jobs demoing the Mac I shared over the weekend.

Over at Dan’s site, he has something more arcane, but also remarkable: video he and a colleague shot at the 1983 COMDEX trade show in Las Vegas, which took place from November 28 to December 2. They strolled the floor randomly capturing the exhibits they came across, and one particular bit is especially intriguing: a long demo of Microsoft Windows.

It’s early. Really early — Windows had been announced about three weeks earlier, on November 10. (Here’s InfoWorld’s piece on the news

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