Elasticsearch Debuts Marvel To Deploy And Monitor Its Open Source Search And Data Analytics Technology


Elasticsearch, a real-time, enterprise data search and analytics startup and open source project, is debuting Marvel, a real-time deployment management and monitoring solution for its technology.

For background, helps companies extract information from their large distributed volumes of structured and unstructured data. The organization wants to provide a simple way to analyze petabytes of information to deliver information that businesses require to make real-time, intelligent and actionable decisions. The technology was created by co-founder and CTO Shay Banon, who released an open source product in 2009 that has already been downloaded 1.5 million times, including a current rate of 200,000/month, making it one of the top open source projects in the world.

Users of Elasticsearch include Netflix, Yelp, Verizon, Foursquare, GitHub, Bloomberg, Soundcloud, Facebook, and McGraw-Hill to do everything from harnessing the power of call-records and social media data to powering mobile apps and alerting newsrooms to curation possibilities. For…

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