Friendly Reminder: Apple Patents Do Not Indicate Future Products


A trio of Apple patents are getting a lot of attention today, fueling speculation that attachable iPhone camera lenses and solar-powered MacBooks are in the company’s future.

While it’s fun to admire Apple’s inventions, Apple in all likelihood isn’t bringing these ideas to market. Apple applies for and is granted new patents on a regular basis–just skim through the posts on Patently Apple to get a sense of the volume–but any given filing is usually a poor predictor of what Apple’s doing next.

Here’s a sampling of crazy Apple patents over the years that haven’t become Apple products: an activity monitor for skis and snowboards, clothes that tell you when to buy new clothes, NFC-based workflow sharing, touch-sensitive gloves, iPhones and iPads with built-in projectors and touch screens that know which finger you’re using.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The patents that actually do foretell…

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