MakeVR: a virtual space to quickly produce 3D designs


When I tried out the zSpace virtual reality tablet last August, it was immediately obvious that it would make a great platform for designing 3D printable objects. But given that the company is focusing on medical, educational and industrial design applications first, that kind of app could be a ways off.

It looks like virtual reality firm Sixense will beat them there. I had the chance to view a demo of the company’s upcoming MakeVR CAD program last week, and it looks very promising. It takes advantage of Sixense’s STEM system, a motion tracker that can pair with handheld controllers that basically act as mice. While using MakeVR, you hold a controller in each hand and move them around to interact with your virtual workspace. You can also integrate other tools like a camera.

Sixense STEM

MakeVR was designed to make modeling as simple as possible. Like 123D Design

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