Topping 100M Sticker Pack Downloads, Viber Launches Sticker Market On WP8


Viber, a free messaging and VoIP app, has today launched its Sticker Market for Windows Phone 8 devices with an update to Viber 4.0. This syncs up the Windows Phone 8 version of the app with Android and iOS, both of which have had access to the Sticker Market since November.

Launching access to downloadable packs of stickers was one of Viber’s earliest moves into monetization, after holding to a longtime guarantee: that voice calls and messaging will be available for free, in some capacity.

The Sticker Market offers access to free stickers, as well as paid sticker packs created by Viber and/or artists, who can sell stickers through a licensing deal with Viber.

Since launch of the market in November, Viber users have downloaded over 100 million sticker packs, though the company has not disclosed how much revenue has been generated by the market.

Competitors such as…

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