BrightFarms Reaps $4.9M Series B To Expand Its Urban Greenhouse Network


BrightFarms, which builds greenhouses in urban areas, announced that it has raised $4.9 million in Series B funding from NGEN Partners, Emil Capital Partners, BrightFarms founder Ted Caplow, and others.

Its latest round brings the total BrightFarms has raised to $9.2 million. The startup is interesting because it sits at the intersection of two trends: cleantech and the increasing demand for locally-grown produce even in areas that are nowhere near farmland.

Other recently-financed startups that are focused on meeting consumer demand for fresher, healthier food include Good Eggs, which raised an $8.5 million Series A from Sequoia CapitalNatureBox, which landed $2 million from General Catalyst to be the “Birchbox for healthy foods;” and Farmigo, which has raised $8 million to deliver boxes of local produce to consumers.

Based in New York City, BrightFarms develops hydroponic greenhouses, which are built on the rooftops…

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