Index Ventures Joins $1M+ Seed Round Backing Mobile Education Platform Startup, Gojimo


Index Ventures recently backed the computing education-focused hardware startup Kano — via one of its partners, Saul Klein. Today the firm is putting some money behind a more mainstream education startup, called Gojimo, that’s targeting mobile as a delivery and engagement platform for learning.

Gojimo started life back in 2009 as a single education app built by a 17-year-old U.K. schoolkid called George Burgess (with a little help from his geography teacher to come up with the content for the first app).

That one app spawned a business, called EducationApps, which in turned spawned scores of standalone education apps — more than one hundred in all, covering various subjects and qualifications, which collectively garnered a quarter of a million downloads.

That piecemeal approach obviously presents scalability challenges to a startup. So Burgess, now 21, is consolidating all those apps into a new single platform approach to mobile education — and launching…

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