Kids Weigh In On Five Obsolete Technologies


Technology saturates children’s lives. Schools use tablets and Smartboards. At home, kids are swimming in multi-platform games, streaming video, social media and mobile connectivity.

The immediacy and control of digital media spills over into the analog world, too; I overheard my kids playing the board game, Life and one insisted the other “hit pause” while she ran to the bathroom. And I admit there are times when I wish they were born with mute buttons.

Yet we still “film” an event and “tape a show.” Sometimes the original saying is just easier — “give me a ring” certainly rolls off the tongue more easily than “give me a Downton Abbey theme music.” Despite these outdated expressions, what do kids make of the actual storage media and communication devices of yore (i.e., those I grew up with)? I asked the two 7-year olds in my house  to weigh in.

Rotary Phone…

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