Tech Investors Buy Themselves Some Blue Bottle Coffee


After all the VC deals that get done at Blue Bottle Coffee, it’s only fitting that Blue Bottle Coffee’s fundraising be one of them.

The tony coffee brewery announced its $25.7 million series B investment, completed at its flagship store in Oakland, earlier today. The investment was led by Morgan Stanley Investment Management, the same Morgan Stanley adviser behind the investments in Twitter and Facebook, according to a source.

(While Morgan Stanley Investment Management primarily invests in public companies, the 5 percent of the capital it is allowed to invest in private companies goes to stuff like Blue Bottle and Twitter, we hear. Morgan Stanley declined to comment.)

While Morgan Stanley getting into coffee does not seem that far-fetched, the list of names on the Blue Bottle term sheet also included a pack of tech founders and executives. In addition to former investors Index Ventures, Google Ventures and True…

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