Build ecommerce site in a jiffy – Woo Commerce

Woo commerce is an open source plug-in for wordpress which can be used for creating e-commerce site. With Woo commerce wordpress can not only be used for blogging but also to build e-commerce sites. The name of the plug-in is quite apt “Woo commerce”. It does “Woo” me..

Building an e-commerce site can’t be any simpler than this. Don’t worry, Woo commerce does allow customisation. Isn’t that what you where thinking :).  Let me not bore you with what it can do or can’t do. Lets take a dip at its main features.

Main features of woo commerce

Adding and Managing products


  • It not only allows you to add a product but also gives option to create categories.
  • Provides flexibility in addition of attributes to a product.
  • Just like blogs you could tag your product too.

Managing orders


  • Helps creating functionality to manage orders placed by customer through e-commerce site…

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