eCommerce Re-Platforming: How do you know when it’s time?

Omnichannel - eCommerce Insights

Existing eCommerce sites may be exhibiting signs that their glory days are behind them. How do companies know when that time has arrived?

  • Poor response times or frequent outages
  • Inability to keep up with competitors’ functionality
  • Stalled multichannel sales strategies caused by inadequate integration between channels
  • Difficulty complying with industry and government compliance mandates
  • Facing cost-prohibitive improvements to fix inefficiencies in the current system

According to a Forrester Research survey1, 81% of ecommerce retailers are currently using a self-built or licensed on-premises solution and nearly three-fourths (74%) fear their existing solutions won’t scale with their growth plans. Almost half (46%) of retailers report difficulty hiring the staff needed to manage their licensed platform or to continually tweak their internally built eCommerce platforms to keep up with market demands and run the underlying infrastructure.

Ultimately, the issue of re-platforming an existing eCommerce system comes down to determining the investment…

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