Lenovo Buys Motorola from Google and I’m Bummed Out, Man


Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I recently decided that my next phone would come from Motorola. My time with a Moto X review unit was wonderful, and I’d hoped the timing of a successor would match up with the end of my current wireless contract.

Lenovo’s plan to acquire Motorola from Google–minus the patents and Motorola’s advanced technology division–could be that unforeseen circumstance. Google had spent the last year and a half rebuilding Motorola by decimating its dumbphone business, paring down its product lineup and encouraging clever software over useless gimmicks. Although Motorola was losing money, CEO Dennis Woodside had talked about Google’s long-term commitment to turning things around, and it seemed like Motorola was on the right track.

Now I’m worried all that work will hit a dead-end, and that Lenovo will steer Motorola in a different direction. In terms of product strategy, the two companies couldn’t be any…

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