AT&T cuts family rate plan prices, makes them simpler too


Is AT&T(s t) feeling heat from T-Mobile’s(s tmus) “un-carrier” moves? I think so, but you be the judge: AT&T just announced new family plans that are both simpler to understand and less expensive. The carrier introduced the new plans on Saturday, saying they’re available starting today.

What makes these more simple? Instead of using a chart to determine costs based on the type of device being added to the existing mobile share plans, new and current AT&T customers simply choose the number of smartphones on the plan. Two smartphones get unlimited talk, texting and 10 GB of monthly data for $130. Each additional smartphone added to the plan raises the price by $15; all smartphones on the plan share the 10 GB.

att family plans

That’s a money saver for me as we have four smartphones on an existing mobile share plan. We collectively get 6 GB of data to share and…

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