AT&T Nixes $450 Offer to Switch from T-Mobile


Was it something T-Mobile said?

Last Friday, AT&T quietly killed its offer of up to $450 per line to switch from T-Mobile, the Wall Street Journal reports. AT&T announced the deal on January 3, but had always billed it as a “limited-time offer.”

The short-lived promotion was clearly a response to T-Mobile’s own “breakup” offer, which is still available now. When switching from another carrier (including AT&T), T-Mobile is providing up to $300 in trade-in credit for a new phone, plus up to $350 per line to cover early termination fees.

Last week, T-Mobile appeared to shrug off AT&T’s counter-offer, billing it as the “greatest T-Mobile trial offer in history” in a tongue-in-cheek press release. The carrier theorized that AT&T customers could try T-Mobile risk-free and have their fees covered if they went back to AT&T. The release also contained mock quotes from AT&T Mobility…

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