Bye-bye, Vaio — Sony sells PC business, with buyer to focus on Japan


Sony(s sne) will sell its 18-year-old Vaio PC business as part of a wide-ranging effort to refocus its efforts, the company said on Thursday. That effort will also involve concentrating on high-end TV sets, particularly those that support 4K resolution, and spinning off the TV business into a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The Japanese firm will cut around 5,000 jobs — 1,500 in Japan and 3,500 elsewhere — by the end of 2014. The moves stem from Sony’s financial struggles; the company also said Thursday that it expects to report a full-year loss of $1.08 billion for 2013.

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In a statement, Sony said “drastic changes in the global PC industry” played a part in its decision. This is a reference to the way in which tablets are replacing PCs for many users, which is also probably why Sony will now focus much more on mobile. However, even within that…

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