MemSQL throws a curve, adds column store on flash


Database startup MemSQL has been doing just fine lately with its row-based in-memory database, but it apparently wants even more of the market. On Thursday, the company announced that version 3.0 of its technology will include a columnar store that’s designed to run on flash storage, meaning users can afford to store and analyze more data and still see a speed boost over hard-disk storage.

The result is that MemSQL customers’ transactional workloads can access data in the row-based store in memory, while analytic workloads can access data in the columnar store in flash. It’s a step down in speed, and a step up in affordability, for queries that don’t require real-time processing.

It’s also a direct shot at legacy database vendors, most of which aren’t offering columnar and row-based stores in the same system, and many of which don’t offer any sort of tiering between media even for the…

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