Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumor Roundup: Taking Our Best Guesses


With Samsung likely to announce the Galaxy S5 at an event on February 24, now seems like a fine time to see what the rumor mill is saying.

Here’s the problem, though: With a highly-anticipated smartphone like the Galaxy S5, the rumors are so plentiful it’s hard to tell fantasy from reality. The best we can do is take stock of everything and make educated guesses based on the source material.

Let’s see if we can paint a convincing picture of Samsung’s Galaxy S5:

Screen Size and Resolution

Samsung will go with a screen size of roughly 5.2-inches in the Galaxy S5, according to at least three sources (Eldar Murtazin, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and KDB Daewoo Securities). That’s a 0.2-inch increase over last year’s Galaxy S4, and it makes a lot of sense if Samsung uses on-screen buttons, as a report by iTechAddict suggests. With on-screen…

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