Shopify Launches Shopify Plus, A New White Glove E-Commerce Solution For Big Brands


Canadian startup success story Shopify is continuing its market expansion with a new product rollout today: Shopify Plus is making its debut, as a one-stop, white glove e-commerce solution that’s designed to be used by large companies and high-volume customers. It reads like a departure from their core market of small- to medium-size business customers, but in fact this is more of a side project designed to help companies that grow with the platform, and Shopify tells me the overwhelming primary focus will remain on SMBs as usual.

What Shopify found, according to Shopify Chief Platform Officer Harley Finkelstein, is that some of its larger clients, including DODOcase, which started off on the platform, were scaling to large business sizes. While Shopify wasn’t necessarily designed to handle high volume business, the platform held up with demand – to the point where some big brands were switching from existing enterprise-grade solutions…

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