3 Things Smartwatches Need to Be Ready for Prime Time


I have become very interested in smartwatches. Over the past six months or so, I have intermittently been using the Pebble watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Qualcomm’s TOQ, and I have come to the conclusion that smartwatches really are important tools that could enhance one’s digital lifestyle.

The first thing I realized when I unboxed the first generation of Pebble’s smartwatch was that it was geeky looking. It’s not very fashionable. For male geeks this might be OK, but for the masses, I saw it as a real problem. I also quickly discovered that its functionality was very limited. I knew this at a high level, but once I started wearing it, I really saw its shortcomings — especially its weak app ecosystem and the difficulty of getting apps onto the Pebble itself.

On the other hand, since this first version sent alerts of my messages and was tied to the…

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