Drone strikes increasingly rely on NSA surveillance data, report suggests


The CIA and U.S. military are increasingly relying on surveillance information from the NSA to locate and attack drone targets, with innocent people being killed as a result, according to allegations made in a new publication, The Intercept.

It was already known that the NSA is involved in U.S. drone activities, but Monday’s article uses Edward Snowden documents and a new source — a former drone operator — to allege that the increasingly exclusive use of signals intelligence (SIGINT) for drone strikes with no traditional human intelligence (HUMINT) operatives on the ground costs more innocent lives than might otherwise be the case.

“The Intercept” is the first site to come out of eBay (s EBAY) founder Pierre Omidyar’s new First Look Media stable, and its editors are Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras – two of the key journalists associated with NSA leaker Snowden – and national security writer…

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