Groupon Product Chief Jeff Holden To Depart, Is Heading To A Bay Area Tech Company


Groupon’s SVP, Product Jeff Holden is leaving the company, effective March 18, 2014, according to a new SEC filing. Though the exec been fairly tight-lipped about where he’s headed to next, TechCrunch has learned that Holden will be relocating from Chicago to work with “an early stage Bay Area company,” according to sources inside Groupon. This confirms Crain’s earlier report that Holden was leaving for an “unnamed tech company.”

Holden joined Groupon in 2011, after his Seattle area startup, Pelago, was acquired. For those unfamiliar, Pelago was best known for its Whrrl product, which was a Foursquare-like location-based services app that allowed people to check-in to places.

At the time of his hiring, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason praised Holden, saying “Jeff intimately gets consumer buying behavior and the importance of a great user experience, and his team is this awesome combination of data-driven creatives.”

A University of Illinois grad, Holden…

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