Kloqe aluminum iPhone case doesn’t mess with your phone’s reception


The aluminum enclosure of Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 5 and 5s is sleek and thin, a design trademark of the company. So an aluminum case for the handset sounds appealing, no? There’s only one problem: Using metal as a case material can affect phone reception. It’s a problem that’s been solved, however: A Kickstarter project for the Kloqe aluminum case has a patent-pending design that won’t affect the iPhone’s multiple antennas.

kloqe cases

How does this work? Separate sections and some intelligent use of different materials:

“The last round of prototyping called for complete separation between the three sections of the iPhone and case. To do this, we used injection molding along with Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). These methods, in addition to the patent-pending design, allowed Kloqe to keep its all-aluminum body while combating all reception issues.”

As a result, the Kloqe wraps the iPhone 5 or 5s in aluminum in a design…

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