LG G Flex Review: Curved Smartphone Is a Costly Conversation Starter


People tend to notice when you pull out a phone with a curved display. They might even get curious enough to ask about it. At least that’s been my experience after spending a couple weeks using the LG G Flex as my primary phone.

Unfortunately, those real-life conversations never ended well. The LG G Flex is a deeply-flawed phone whose curved design causes bigger problems than the ones it solves. It’s the rare device that I can’t wait to stop using after reviewing it, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

LG says the six-inch, 720p curved screen creates optimized viewing angles and less glare than flat screens, and I’ll admit to initially being taken in by the IMAX-like viewing experience.

Jared Newman for TIME

Residual images on the home screen after exiting the app tray.

But that minor benefit is negated by a couple major flaws. First, the G…

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