CEB Acquires Indian Talent Analytics Startup Talent Neuron for $15M


Corporate Executive Board , the U.S.-based member advisory company has acquired Indian talent analytics startup, Talent Neuron , for around $10-$15 million.

This is the third acquisition in the talent management space for CEB, which acquired UK-based SHL in July 2012, and Valtera in February of that year.

Talent Neuron was incubated by Zinnov, a management consulting firm based in Bangalore, two years ago. Since then, the startup has acquired many customers who are paying for big data, analytics solutions focused on talent management and planning. Talent Neuron has its own predictive data model that forecasts talent related trends across important markets in the world. In a recent report, the startup analyzed talent shortage in the Silicon Valley and said for every 100 people moving in, there are at least 120 moving out.

Two of Zinnov’s co-founders — Vijay Swaminathan and Vamsi Tirukkala — leveraged the consulting…

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