COO Ali Rowghani Departs Twitter, Company Says It Won’t Hire A Replacement


Twitter’s chief operating officer Ali Rowghani just announced via tweet that he’s leaving the company.

“Goodbye Twitter,” said Rowghani (pictured to the right of Twitter co-founder Ev Williams above). “It’s been an amazing ride, and I will cherish the memories.”

Re/code’s Kara Swisher reported yesterday that the company was “undergoing a major reevaluation of its top management,” and she said that could include a new role for Rowghani. There was reportedly tension over more than just Twitter’s lackluster user growth, with employees unhappy about a large sale of his stock in the company.

Previously chief financial officer at Pixar, Rowghani joined Twitter as CFO four years ago before becoming COO at the end of 2012.

Twitter just acknowledged his departure in a regulatory filing:

Effective today, Ali Rowghani has resigned from his position as the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of Twitter, Inc. (“Twitter”). Mr. Rowghani will continue…

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