Box acquires Streem to add streaming technology to its cloud storage prowess


Box is buying Streem, a startup specializing in streaming. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Box said that the four-members of Streem, a Y Combinator summer class of 2012 company, will be working with with Box’s engineering department to sync up Streem’s streaming know how with Box’s file-share and sync service.

Streem has developed amazing technology that allows you to mount a cloud drive onto your computer — making documents, presentations, videos and files available to you without the limitations of your local hard-disk, effectively turning the cloud into an “unlimited” drive.

Streem’s technology allows users to “mount a cloud drive” onto their computers so that documents, videos, files, etc. are available and their use is unconstrained by a local hard disk, wrote Box CEO Aaron Levie.

In theory, this converged service will benefit the healthcare, oil and gas and manufacturing industries where fast access to data is…

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