Europe and South Korea will develop 5G together


5G is coming — slowly and hazily — and, having been a leader in 3G but a follower in 4G, Europe wants to be back at the forefront this time. But if that happens, it won’t get there alone: on Monday, the European Commission revealed a “landmark” agreement with South Korea regarding 5G’s development.

Under this strategic cooperation deal, Europe and South Korea — the home of major phone manufacturers Samsung and LG — will “work towards a global definition of 5G”, which should please those who ache at the mobile industry’s abuse of the still-nebulous term. They will also try to use the same spectrum for 5G and hew to other shared standards.

The Europeans and the Koreans will also work together on cloud and internet-of-things research, which are subjects that are pretty tightly tied with 5G. After all, mobile networks are starting to move into the cloud…

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