Misfit’s Shine activity tracker gets a Pebble app


Misfit, a startup which makes the Shine activity tracker, will release an activity tracking app for the Pebble smartwatch, which is made by another wearable computing company that got its start through crowdfunding.

The Misfit app works in conjunction with a Shine wearable device clipped somewhere on the body. While the screenless Shine is often worn on the wrist, it can also be clipped on a piece of clothing or a shoe, especially if you’re also wearing a Pebble smartwatch. Instead of looking at your personal activity data on your phone, the Pebble app will allow users to track their number of steps and daily activity on their Pebble smartwatch. But other metrics, such as calories burned and distance traveled, will be relegated to Misfit’s iOS app.

Misfit also announced that it intends to eventually license out its sensor algorithms to third-party developers who want to add fitness and sleep monitoring capabilities…

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