Regard Is An Analytics Startup That Says Asking Users For Data Is Better Than Taking Everything


The dream of big data has led to the nightmare of mass surveillance. But perhaps there’s a better way to gather intelligence from user data: namely with consent.

The four-man Cambridge, UK-based team behind a new product called Regard, certainly believe so. They’ve set out to build a new kind of analytics platform which, instead of taking a Pokemon style approach to user data and ‘catching it all’, starts with the premise that being transparent with users about the data you want to collect — and only collecting specific info required to help improve your product — ends up with a better result for everyone.

Avoiding catch-all, clandestine data harvesting means happier, potentially more engaged users, because they remain in control of their data — and can even delete it if they choose — and therefore won’t have fears for their privacy. Or that’s the Regard premise of informed consent.

It also, they argue, means happier developers — being as they gain useful product-specific…

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