Google Launches Cloud Dataflow, A Managed Data Processing Service


Google expanded its Cloud Platform today with a new managed service called Cloud Dataflow that allows developer to create data pipelines to help them ingest, transform and — most importantly — analyze data.Developers can use the service to work with streaming real-time data and by uploading batches of data to the system.

For now, the service is in private beta and it’s unclear how Google will price Dataflow once it is launched to the public. At its core, Cloud Dataflow is Google’s successor to MapReduce, which has been an experimental App Engine feature for quite a while now.

The company says Dataflow is based on a number of technologies the company has been using internally, including Flume and MillWheel. Google is using Java for the first Cloud Dataflow SDK, but it is also providing a dashboard for monitoring these pipelines right from the developer console.


The focus here, according…

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