Amazon launches itty-bitty EC2 instances


On Tuesday, Amazon Web Services (S amzn) launched a new set of tiny “t2”  compute instances that provide a known base-level of compute power but can also “burst up” as needed should computing needs change. That bursting can be financed by “CPU credits” that users accumulate during less busy times, according to the AWS blog.

The new instances suit applications such as remote desktops — aka Amazon Workspaces; dev environments, low-traffic web sites and small databases — or any application marked by periods of low CPU use interrupted by high-usage spikes, according to Amazon.

aws ec2 price comparison

The itty bitty instances, as seen in the chart, are considerably cheaper than their bigger brethren — m3.medium instances costs $0.070 per hour on demand compared to $0.052 per hour for a t2.medium instance although m3 instances are backed by SSD storage while t2 instances are not.

Amazon is famous for rolling out new instance types (and lower prices) as it…

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