UK Plans To Demo Robots In The Wild


The UK’s first official robotics strategy, drawn up with help from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), is calling for the establishment of real-world test sites over the next five+ years where robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) can be rigorously put through their paces to help speed up development of our future overlords.

The wider hope is the national strategy will accelerate robotics development in the UK which has undoubtedly lagged behind other nations when it comes to pushing the autonomous envelope.

In 2012 the UK government identified RAS as one of eight technologies it views as crucial to the future rebalancing of the economy by fostering growth and creating jobs. Today’s strategy document follows on from that move, and is the product of work by a RAS Special Interest Group set up by the TSB in 2013.

The document calls for “defined and controlled spaces” test sites to be established where robotics can be trialled in the wild, as a stepping stone on…

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