Google spiffs up Compute Engine with new zones but not new regions


Google Compute Engine (s goog) has added one new zone each in its central U.S. and eastern Asia regions, bringing the total number of zones in each region to three, according to the Google Cloud Platform blog.

Those additions add redundancy to expedite the running of MongoDB-type workloads that require high availability but they don’t address the concern of some cloud pundits who say Google needs more than three overall cloud regions. Right now Google fields cloud-related data centers in Taiwan, the central U.S. and Belgium.

The location of cloud data centers is becoming a battle ground. Many customers have concerns about latency, which increases with distance and there are also data sovereignty issues — exacerbated by Edward Snowden’s revelations about data spying — that are driving more businesses to want their data stored and processed in a specific country, prohibiting its transmission elsewhere.

Battery Ventures Technical Fellow Adrian Cockcroft has made quite…

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