Wikimedia Attacks Europe’s Right To Be Forgotten Ruling As Threat To Its Mission


The Wikimedia Foundation, the not-for-profit organization behind Wikipedia, has strongly condemned the recent right to be forgotten (rtbf) ruling in Europe, warning the requirement to allow private individuals to request the de-indexing of links from search results associated with their name is going to have “critical repercussions” for its online crowdsourced encyclopedia.

The Foundation also stated its intention to oppose what it dubbed the “censorship of truthful information” stemming from the European Court of Justice ruling — on the grounds that it threatens the organization’s mission to provide ‘free access to the sum of all human knowledge’. It said it will therefore be posting notices about indefinite removals of links to Wikipedia articles when it is made aware of them.

Speaking at a press conference in London this morning, at which the Foundation was also launching its first Transparency Report, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Wikimedia CEO Lila Tretikov and the Foundation’s General Counsel Geoff…

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