Forest Brings You A Safer Way To Invest


Many people don’t invest, even when they have the cash, as it can be confusing, take up a lot of time to manage and adds the risk of losing money.

High school friends Matt Canning and Jim Keller, who are active investors, found their friends expressing these concerns when discussing investing.

Canning was a touring musician who spent the last five years in leadership roles at Comcast and Keller founded Context, a web strategy agency that merged with design firm Tabula Creative to form Eastern Standard.

After inquiring about investing patterns of different demographics, reasons for why people don’t invest and consulting with financial advisors, they began development last year for Forest.

Forest is a self-funded investing platform that simplifies the process by representing securities and transactions as forests, trees, planting, cutting down, harvesting and more.

Once users sign up, they are given a ‘forest.’ A tree in a forest is a group of five stocks…

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