A Digital Healthcare Argument For Net Neutrality


Editor’s note:Matthew Douglass is co-founder and VP of platform at Practice Fusion.

The federal agency regulating communications is at a crossroads in establishing the rules of the road for how the Internet operates. Many commentators are rightfully concerned that the FCC could adopt rules that will give cable and phone companies the opportunity to discriminate against website providers and/or content, which would potentially put some sites in a paid fast lane and leave other sites in a slow lane.

This possibility has prompted massive public backlash: A record 3.7 million comments to the agency including the views of hundreds of top investors, leading technology companies, churches and civil society groups. Even President Obama joined the conversation, asking that the FCC implement the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality.

To ensure a future of American digital healthcare progress and startup innovation, an open and unbiased Internet is necessary. Patients, doctors…

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