The Mexican Valley Of Startup Death


Editor’s note:Jorge Rios is a Mexican entrepreneur based in San Francisco and co-founder of Bridgefy.

The startup universe revolves around Silicon Valley, but there is life on the other planets, too. Long has the entrepreneur community been used to the term “startup valley of death” and come to fear it. As most accelerators claim, once you make it out of the ditch, you’re on your way to fame and glory. But not in Mexico.

The Southern Neighbor Left Behind

Historically, Mexico has taken good advantage of its Northern neighbor: American university degrees are priceless, more than 10 million Mexicans live (legally or illegally) next door, and everything but all of Mexico’s international trade goes through, to or from the U.S. Nevertheless, Mexicans have much to learn regarding the current startup bubble; funds (both private and public) are scared of taking risks, most accelerators don’t really “marry” the businesses they take…

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